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Who We Serve

The youngest generations of riders are our primary clientele and the most benefited by the construction of a public skatepark. One can estimate that Baltimore's skateboarding community between the ages of 5 and 18 is approximately 7,330 regular skateboarders and 29,322 casual skateboarders (Skatepark Adoption Model (SAM), (2006 U.S. Census) who require at least 44,000 sq. ft. of total terrain to skate.

We also serve many skateboarders who are over the age of 18 and skateboarders residing, not just in Baltimore City, but also throughout the State of Maryland, who would come and use the park. Those benefited by the project also include bike and roller blade enthusiasts who would likely utilize a pubic skatepark. The population we serve includes: skateboarding enthusiasts, parents ie. "skate moms" and/or "skate dads" all of whom would utilize the facility as spectators. For every 1,000 skateboarders there are possibly 4,000 immediate family members within easy reach of the skatepark message. This would produce about 117,288 Baltimoreans directly related to and supportive of the construction of a public skatepark.

Skateparks social impact on youth

  • Keep kids off the street
  • Keep kids in school
  • Keep kids in shape
  • Keep kids from engaging in illegal activities
  • Provides opportunities to interact with adult skateboarding mentors
  • Development of self confidence to "say no" to temptations
  • Steers youth away from pervading social ills
  • Plays a major role in the youth's day to day lives as a positive after school and weekend activity
  • Skatepark is open from Dawn to Dusk
  • Skatepark is FREE
  • Skatepark is located at:
    1201 W 36th St.
    Baltimore 21211
  • Pads are not required but they are recommended.